• The New Healthcare Engagement Environment

    by - Jul 17, 2012
    In many ways, communication between health stakeholders has been transformed by today’s digital era. I use the term ‘healthcare engagement’ to refer to two-way communication between stakeholders, and it is this area in particular that has...
  • Activating Digital Opinion Leaders

    by - Jul 17, 2012
    Since we have considered the role of Digital Opinion Leaders in shaping the behaviour of others, it will be essential for a pharmaceutical company wishing to partner with Digital Opinion Leaders to take steps to encourage...
  • Defining Digital Opinion Leaders

    by - Jul 17, 2012
    In the context of the new healthcare engagement environment and having considered the role of healthcare professionals in the digital era, it is clear that the influence of stakeholders including healthcare professionals, patients, and policymakers upon...
  • Healthcare Professionals in the Digital Era

    by - Jul 17, 2012
    To plan how to engage and activate healthcare professionals online, it is worthwhile considering the kinds of digital channels being used by healthcare professionals and the role that each channel plays. We might broadly categorise these...
  • The Changing Key Opinion Leader and Advocate Environment

    by - Jul 17, 2012
    Earlier this month I presented a session at KOL & MSL Best Practice conference in Basel, Switzerland. The conference focused on pharmaceutical companies’ work with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and the role of Medical Science Liaisons,...
  • Healthcare Engagement Strategy Summit 2012: A Summary

    by - Jul 16, 2012
    Our recent event, Healthcare Engagement Strategy (HES) Summit 2012, proved popular with those who were able to attend, as well as those who could not. Participants benefited from the opportunity to learn and share, as well...
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