• Social media in Spain; core to pharmaceutical innovation?

    by - May 14, 2014
    As the taxicab drew to a halt near the curb of Barcelona’s Gran Vía Les Corts Catalanes, it was immediately apparent that the driver was caught in some powerful emotions. Although the meter read approximately €30,...
  • Doctors, anonymity and the GMC: the social media debate a year on

    by - May 14, 2014
    It’s been a year since the General Medical Council published guidelines on doctors’ use of social media. Clause 17 proved controversial: if doctors identify themselves as doctors when posting in public social media, they should use their names. Concerns...
  • Pinterest for Pharma, revisited

    by - May 14, 2014
    Two years ago, I wrote an introduction Pinterest for pharmaceutical companies. Back in April 2012, only one major pharmaceutical company, Bayer, had embraced the image-sharing platform. I considered the role of Pinterest for pharma and the channel’s...
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