2015 #ePharma Summit highlights, Day Two

Here are some of my personal highlights from day two of the 2015 #ePharma Summit. The ePharma Summit connects pharmaceutical biotech and medical device marketers in bringing together brands, HCPs, and consumers in the era of digital marketing.

I’ve also posted my #ePharma 2015 Day One Highlights here.

[Image: Bryan Gibbs]

Josephine Borrillo is Account Manager - Pharma Consulting, US Region with Creation Healthcare. She has over 19 years experience in the pharmaceutical sector, and brings an understanding of drug development and access, product launches and management, knowledge of patient, consumer and professional group relations and team management. “I believe that now is the time for Pharma to jump in and to derive insights from the rich social media landscape. It has become an integrated part of brand strategy, to keep track of what the Healthcare Professionals, as well as the entire ecosystem, including patients, payers etc are “perceiving” and sharing. “