London, 29-30 May 2012: 9th Annual Patient Summit

Creation Healthcare as the editor of the Healthcare Engagement Strategy e-journal is proud to have been selected as a media partner for the 9th Annual Patient Summit, which will take place on the 29th and 30th of May in London.

Here’s what the organisers are saying about the event:

Deliver patient benefit to ensure payer buy in; leverage patient support networks, build credible partnerships and succeed in the age of digital!

Keep up with the biggest patient event in Europe!

Pharma is in a state of flux. The new generation of health- conscience and digitally empowered patient have arrived, giving the patient more influence, and more power than ever before. We need to get even closer to our patients to ensure that all of our communication, interaction and engagement strategies are relevant and streamlined to patient needs to ensure health needs and overall brand success.

Over 2 packed days we’ll be building upon last year’s event and mapping out all the latest innovations in the patient space across Europe and beyond-including:

  • The patient mind-set and how to align your strategy with their needs; the new patient landscape and the emergence of the e-patient
  • Create a business case and communicating the value of campaigns to payers- find out what payers need to justify and reimburse adherence programmes and gain market access
  • Integrating adherence in the health care chain; the challenges and benefits of patenting with community pharmacy, HCPs, nurses and patient groups to achieve health care outcomes
  • How to effectively measure adherence – the common mistakes and pioneering new techniques for reporting outcomes data
  • Digital Adherence technology:  improving your online platforms for engagement,  the latest in gamification, App’s and mobile


Download the full event brochure here

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