Boston, 30-31 January 2012: Medical Communications and the Dissemination of Scientific Information Conference

Creation Healthcare as the editor of the Healthcare Engagement Strategy e-journal is proud to have been selected as a media partner for the Medical Communications and the Dissemination of Scientific Information Conference , which takes place on the 30th and 31st of January in Boston, Massachusetts.

Here’s what the organisers are saying about the event:

Communicating medical information to consumers has become an increasingly important concern for pharmaceutical companies, particularly as consumers evolve and become more empowered, as has been the trend in recent years. In order to keep up with patients and share information in a format those stakeholders are comfortable and confident with, social media has emerged as a preference for pharmaceutical companies and consumers alike. Social networking sites have changed the lives of patients who are now privy to a wealth of medical information online and are able to engage in discussions and make personalized decisions.

This creates an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to communicate information with an existing, empowered group of customers and will be a focal point of the conference. Another key area of topics to be addressed includes challenges surrounding publication planning as well as working with medical writers and key opinion leaders in order to prevent the use of “ghostwriting.” Streamlining internal and external communications will also be discussed, as will bridging the gap between marketing and medical communication.

This two-day executive level program, will provide participants with extensive in-depth learning and knowledge share, through case-study driven presentations, high level keynote sessions, as well as round table panel discussions complemented by multiple networking opportunities.

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