Boston, May 21-22 2012: Pharmaceutical Global Transparency Initiatives Conference

Creation Healthcare as the editor of the Healthcare Engagement Strategy e-journal is proud to have been selected as a media partner for the Pharmaceutical Global Transparency Initiatives Conference, which will take place on the 21st and 22nd of May in Boston, Massachusetts.

Here’s what the organisers are saying about the event:

“As the governments around the world continue to increase their scrutiny of major corporations, the pharmaceutical industry is coming under heavy pressure from politicians and regulators who are calling for increased transparency from the industry. Although the Sunshine Act reporting requirements have been pushed back into 2012, all companies are preparing or have already begun disclosing their relationships with healthcare professionals, a bold and often controversial step for this highly competitive industry. On a global scale, European governments are now also calling for similar legislation, with countries such as France and the Netherlands most vocally calling for action. As a result, pharmaceutical companies throughout the world are looking to put their compliance programs in place and push forward with transparency initiatives that will meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

Through a comprehensive blend of regulatory, industry and legal perspectives, this program will deliver on the promise of helping pharmaceutical companies increase their transparency while maintaining highly productive and professional relationships with government authorities and healthcare professionals.

For full details and registration information, visit:

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