Eyeforpharma Mobile Health Competition 2011

In the upcoming months, we are partnering with Eyeforpharma to raise awareness of their mobile health competition, aimed at creating and developing a mobile application that has the potential to make teenage cancer patients’ lives easier. The competition is an innovative project that brings together pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations, communications agencies and patients using emerging channels that include platforms such as YouTube. Ultimately, the decision makers will be a team of teenage cancer survivors that the organisers have teamed up with, which ensures that the ideas submitted are truly effective.

There is no doubt that the number of mobile apps in healthcare is growing, and with good reason: not only do they help patients stay engaged both outside and inside health service institutions, but can also save time by offering relevant cancer-related digital resources, given that the amount online content on the topic is extensive.

There has been a shifting focus within cancer management to provide specialist environments tailored to young persons’ needs, as often, their rapidly changing bodies may interfere with the rate or manner in which the condition progresses. According to doctors Daniel Kelly and Faith Gibson of Middlesex University, the uniqueness of this age group makes the impact of this diagnosis even harsher, as young adults have to deal with other burdens such as identity formation and identification with various peer groups.

Another factor that makes this initiative even more worthwhile is the nature of the judging panel: the main decision makers are teenage cancer survivors from several countries (UK, Australia, Lithuania) who are able to offer informed insights and will undoubtedly recognise a mobile application that is able to fulfill unmet needs in this area.

The programme is definitely worth keeping an eye on, as the not only will the candidates get the opportunity to create inspiring state-of-the art health service applications, but will also receive monetary prize that will be donated to their cancer charity of choice. All in all, this is a very a good example of how crowdsourcing has the potential to connect different stakeholders in order to ultimately allow patients more control over their health, as well as personalised treatment.
To find out more about Eyeforpharma’s Mobile Health Competition, click here.

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