Health2.0 Europe, Barcelona, May 18-20, 2015

Healthcare Engagement Strategy is delighted to partner with Health2.0 Europe which takes place in Barcelona, May 18-20, 2015. This year’s conference is going to be packed with the latest emerging health and healthcare trends and tools, including one of our favourite topics, engaging health professionals!

Here’s what Health2.0 say about the conference:

The 6th annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference returns for 2 full days of content exploring international innovation in patient-provider communication, consumer health, data analytics and more. This Spring we will meet in Barcelona, Spain, where over 150 speakers, and 600 attendees from across the world will witness over 50 live product demos. Join us this year to continue challenging the EU markets to disrupt health care. Keep an eye out for new speaker announcements coming soon! Demo speaker applications already open! A large part of Health 2.0’s programming consists of panels where speakers demo their technologies in 4 minute bursts with commentators reflecting on how they believe it will fit into the health care landscape.

We look forward to seeing you there!