All media is ‘social’

If you have heard a lot of talk about ‘social media’ that is because it is a niche type of platform mostly used by the ‘technologically savvy’ but which is making its way into the mainstream and impacting on big brands and government.

Indeed it can hardly be called a niche, and almost no longer deserves a ‘buzz-word’. The reality is that all media is now social. If it isn’t, it is only a matter of time before it will be. Consider television, the bastion of ‘broadcast’ messaging, which is itself undergoing a transformation.

Two-way conversation

Those that are embracing the possibilities of interactive media and interactive strategy are continuously thinking about how to cross barriers relating to hardware platforms, language, location, or customisation.

Television is no longer a one-way channel. Mobile phones are no longer only audio communication devices. The world is converging technologically and geographically. The boundaries from the atlas of our school years are very difficult to enforce in the global nation that is the Internet.

The brand or organisation that recognises the importance of strategically implementing content and conversation regardless of technology will be best placed to adopt and evolve into a position of competitive leadership in this millennium.

Paul Grant

Paul Grant is Healthcare Engagement Strategist with global consultancy Creation Healthcare, where he leads digital behaviour research studies and advises healthcare clients on engagement strategies. He has been providing strategic insight solutions and professional services to the world's leading biopharmaceutical and healthcare organizations, helping them to find appropriate pathways to engagement within regulatory frameworks.