New London office supports global growth for Creation Healthcare

As part of a strategy to increase global capacity, Creation Healthcare is pleased to announce a new location for its London office.  From 1st August 2010, the company will be moving to improved premises with greater capacity.  The new address will be:

Creation Healthcare
90 Long Acre
London  WC2E 9RZ

Telephone: +44 (0)207 849 3167

This move follows the recent opening of a new office in Tokyo, as part of Creation Healthcare’s commitment to continually support clients located around the world with the expertise they need in local markets.

With a global team of 30 consultants located in 12 countries, Creation Healthcare is ideally placed to advise international clients about healthcare engagement strategies with the benefit of local cultural and language insights.

Creation Healthcare’s Co-founder and Director of Digital Engagement, Daniel Ghinn, explains why London is so important for a global consultancy:

“We’ve been in London for over twelve years now, and having travelled all around the world working with healthcare clients, I’m convinced that this City is the best place in the world to run a global consultancy from. With easy access to North America and Europe, we’re also well placed to connect with Asia, supported by our new Tokyo office.”

Joanna Ghinn

After working with the leadership team in British Rail during its privatisation, Joanna established her first business in 1997, providing business support services to the financial sector. Shortly afterwards, Joanna helped to launch Creation Interactive where she continues to play a key role in finance and strategy. With Creation Interactive, Joanna has also partnered with clients to define and implement web-based solutions for marketing and communications. With a focus on making technology and the Internet easily accessible to business leaders, Joanna takes a proactive approach to stripping away the hype from the language of new media and seeks out simplicity and real-world effectiveness.