We’re partnering with Redefining Pharma Marketing in Toronto

Healthcare Engagement Strategy, Creation Healthcare’s monthly publication for business leaders, marketing and communications professionals in pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations, has entered into a media partnership with Redefining Pharma Marketing conference which takes place in Toronto on 3-4 May 2011. We’re excited about this partnership because we sense that the conference is going to be one of the year’s outstanding events in healthcare engagement.

2011 is set to be a year packed with more conferences dedicated to healthcare engagement in one form or another than ever before. Our Events Calendar provides a glimpse of a just how many events are taking place the world over. And with good reason – we are in an era of great change and opportunity for pharmaceutical marketers. But if there’s just one event you get to in North America, you could do well to make it Toronto’s Redefining Pharma Marketing.

Why are we so excited about this event? When we first saw the draft programme, we knew that the conference was going to tackle some of the big issues that matter to Creation Healthcare’s pharmaceutical clients, including:

  • Marketing to specialist physicians
  • Understanding the views of pharmacists
  • Patient-centric marketing in Canada
  • Multi-channel strategies
  • Lessons from outside of healthcare

Significantly, this conference seems to be taking a lead in highlighting the changing environment in which pharmaceutical marketing is taking place, with sessions specifically addressing planning for the future in areas like CME and regulatory compliance.

Find out more about Redefining Pharma Marketing.

Daniel Ghinn

Daniel Ghinn is Editor of Healthcare Engagement Strategy and CEO of Creation Healthcare, the online market research consultancy for healthcare. He is a prolific writer and speaker on emerging trends healthcare engagement in the digital age.