patient engagement

  • Tesaro Discovers the Power of the e-Patient

    by - Sep 12, 2015
    By conventional measures of social media success, Ahava Emuna Lange is not a social media ‘celebrity’. At the time of writing, she has 116 followers on Twitter and has posted just 152 tweets. A little over...
  • HealthUnlocked – a powerful social media platform for patient market research

    by - Mar 16, 2015
    “Ask questions. Get answers. Connect with others like you”, reads HealthUnlocked’s invitation on its website, a mega-community of more than 500 individual patient communities all over the world, united by disease, treatments, and in some cases...
  • Motivations for Health Social media

    by - Oct 31, 2011
    For many years, and in various presentations by others, I have heard reference to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It is a reasonably sound, but certainly high-level descriptor of the underlying drivers which may influence human decisions...
  • Managing a Social Media Crisis

    by - Sep 15, 2011
    Background In 2011, the organizers of e-Patient Connections Conference approached Creation Healthcare’s Founder, Daniel Ghinn, after the company’s analysis into recent social media crises in the healthcare arena. They asked if Daniel would prepare a workshop...
  • Insights on the future of the patient

    by - Feb 28, 2011
    The recent ePharma Summit 2011 in New York a few weeks ago was a really refreshing event for someone like me who is used to hearing a European point of view on ways to engage different...
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