Woodbridge (New Jersey), 12-14 June 2012: SFE & Commercial Excellence USA

Here is what the organisers are saying about the event:

Face it, this year you will have to ‘do more with less’. SFEUS2012 will show you how…

…Pharma is in flux.

That’s an understatement. Customers have evolved, pipelines have shrunk, thousands of stakeholders need attention and budgets are restricted. The sales and marketing rule book is being completely rewritten. But it’s not all bad…

The speed of customer change is driving unprecedented innovation

Right now, we’re questioning ‘norms’, revisiting ‘proven’ tactics, looking for new approaches. “It’s not about shiny new iPads, but changing the way we look at our customers and taking advantage of all of the opportunities available to us..” – Andreas Claus Kistner, Global Head of Commercial Architecture, Roche.

See the full line up here: http://bit.ly/GK4X2F

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